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[news] 布朗週報 - Browny Weekly Report #8

[Web Application]

http://bit.ly/oWCgb 專為 iPhone Apps 的書籤網站,挖掘有趣的 iPhone Apps - Appolicious is Like Delicious for iPhone Apps

http://bit.ly/3Pww1v RoR 競賽得獎的網路應用 - Rails Rumble: Micro-App Competition Winners Announced

http://bit.ly/6NDmv 線上圖表產生器 - Create Charts Online Fast, Easy and Free

http://bit.ly/L60Di 線上文字處理器,對文檔進行文字的一次性調整可以來這裡挖寶 - Free Online Text Tools

http://bit.ly/OH9qm 快開學囉,15 個學生必備的基本網路應用 - Back to School: 15 Essential Web Tools for Students


http://bit.ly/1596Gi 客製化檔案開啟對話盒預設資料夾 - Use the Places Utility to Customize Locations in Open File Dialogue Box

http://bit.ly/Drus8 (freeware) 偵測 Process, CPU loading 等等的監測工具 - Process Hacker 1.5 免安裝版 by 阿榮福利味

http://bit.ly/rFZ56 (freeware) 5 個圖片轉文字的免費工具 - Top 5 Free OCR Software Tools To Convert Images Into Text


http://bit.ly/Fi9mJ (tip) 如何備份你的 Chrome Profile,多個電腦之間 chrome browser 的書籤和密碼輕鬆同步 - A Guide to Backing Up Your Google Chrome Profile

http://bit.ly/1KpI1O (tip) 7 個方法讓你用 Twitter 成為趨勢分析高手 - Tweeting By Numbers: 7 Ways to Become a Twitter Analyst