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[news] 布朗週報 - Browny Weekly Report #5

網路應用 - WebApp

http://bit.ly/4jDqYM iGoogle 推出社群小玩意 - social gadgets for iGoogle

http://bit.ly/i4UUt 搶先體驗升級後的 Google Search - Google to Launch a New Version of Google Search

http://bit.ly/REafU Facebook 買下 FriendFeed 了,希望這樣會讓它的訊息呈現更清楚一點 - Facebook Acquires FriendFeed

小技巧 - Tip

http://bit.ly/3h9Csl 關於午睡的兩個小重點 - How to Make the Most of Your Naps - Sleep - Lifehacker

http://bit.ly/MX8sx 各種把 Youtube 影片抓下來的方法 - HOW TO: Download YouTube Videos to Your Desktop

http://bit.ly/2i6ZY8 開啟 Google Reader 的 Send To 社群分享功能 - Google Reader's "Send to" Feature

http://bit.ly/bxy3M 善加利用瀏覽器的網址列 - Do more from Your Browser's Address Bar

http://bit.ly/12ZnXq 如何整理、管理你的PDF文件 - Manage Your PDF Documents with Free Tools

http://bit.ly/bjrhk 提早享用 Firefox 4.0 介面的易用性 ? 0與1的邂逅 - Try Firefox 4.0 Newest Interface

http://bit.ly/kq4WI 如何找出電腦上的IP位置 - How To Trace An IP Address To A PC

http://bit.ly/1oSvzy 如何完美的列印Excel 表格 - Excel Secrets Discovered: 6 Steps For Perfect Printing

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